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Germo Logistiek Milk Collecting Trucks (RMO)

365 days a year milk transport and goat milk transport

Milk collection in the country

The flat polder landscape of the Netherlands is known for its black and red cattle, the Holstein Friesians, which produce high quality milk every day, at nearly 15 billion litres of cow milk a year. Dutch goats produce an additional 220 million litres of milk a year.
Germo Logistiek deploys 26 milk collecting trucks every day to the country roads, to collect raw milk from dairy farms and transport it to various processing plants throughout the Netherlands and its neighbours.

Vast experience and chain management

Our planners and drivers are in full control of the entire milk logistic chain. From the communication with dairy farmers, to quality control, testing samples and planning, separating and delivering different milk flows, Germo Logistiek is involved in all parts of the chain. In other words, we provide a complete logistic solution. Our drivers are characterized by their involvement, dedication, and passion for their job.

Quality, continuity, flexibility

We carry out the day to day milk collection of our partners. Production at the processing plants requires a continued flow of raw milk. Germo Logistiek takes care of the continuity, safeguards the quality, and ensure client satisfaction.

Ahead in sustainable technology

First class milk collection is not possible without the right equipment. Germo Logistiek has 26 milk collecting trucks with validated pumps, measuring and sampling equipment, and data systems.

We are on course to sustainable, eco-friendly entrepreneurship. With our new LNG-trucks we haul at the same speed and quality, but with over 20% less C02 emission.

Germo Logistiek


  • Tailored logistic solutions for milk collection
  • Management of the entire logistics chain from dairy farm to processing plant
  • Great communication, planning, and support
  • Guaranteed quality and continuity

Quality control and certification

The quality control of dairy products in the Netherlands is under strict legislation, and consists of several specific process certification systems. The transportation of milk is a part hereof. Different milk flows are kept distinct, when needed by using our specialized 3 compartment tank trucks. Our milk collection process has been Qlip certified for many years. Our drivers are schooled and examined every year.



“Our partnership with Germo Logistiek has been pleasant. A good example of this continued cooperation is the pilot with a 100% LNG vehicle, which Germo has deployed as a milk collecting truck for FrieslandCampina. A great contribution to accomplishing our C02 targets: The use of an LNG reduces the C02 emission with more than 20%.”

Jacob van der Meer, team manager transport milk logistics
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