Food transport

Reliable tank transportation of liquid foodstuff

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany

In the industry of liquid foodstuff, having the right hauler is an important part of the logistics chain.
Are you looking for a flexible and punctual logistics partner to handle your food transportation? Do you prefer to work with a reliable company that finds satisfaction in keeping your customers content with your business and products?

Food transport done well

Whether you need a one-time food haul or several deliveries a week to your national and international clients, Germo Logistiek handles your food transport with care, from start to end. Professional, efficient, and competitively priced.

Specialized tank trucks

Food transport of foodstuff (like dairy, juice, syrups, wine and oil products) requires speed, hygiene, and the right approach. That’s why our trucks are specialized tankers, equipped with an isolated pressure tank, a compressor to unload liquid products, and three separate compartments (for cream or wine transport and partial loads).


Fruit juices

Vegetable oils
Tropical oils
Cocoa & chocolate

Highly skilled drivers

And the right approach? This is taken care of by our highly trained planners and drivers. They understand your cargo and the attributes of foodstuff. They are in close contact with each other about your cargo, the schedule and arrangements, and take pride in getting your products to your customers quickly and with care.

24/7 food transportation

A quick haul tonight or during the weekend? We are at your service 24/7.

Germo Logistiek


  • Quick processing of requests
  • Professional and eco-friendly transport
  • Great client and supplier relations
  • Fully certified
  • Modern tank trucks and equipment
  • Highly trained drivers and planners
  • Follow your cargo through track & trace

Qlip Certified

Food safety protocols are essential. The transportation of foodstuff is highly legislated in the Netherlands and the EU. As it should be. Germo Logistiek is proud to have been Qlip certified for many years. It is our second nature to contribute to quality assurance and safety in the foodstuff sector.

  • Flexible and fast
  • Dedicated and reliable
  • Pro-active and no-nonsense
  • Great value and pricing

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