Germo Logistiek

Specialist and branch leader of first class liquid tank transportation

Germo Logistiek is your partner in the transport chain of liquid foodstuff, animal feed and milk collection.

Every day, 32 well equipped tank trucks are deployed from our homebase in Lochem. Our highly trained, dedicated drivers make certain your products get to your clients on time and with care.

Fluent in Logistics

FTL shipping and refrigerated shipping

Fast transportation of food and non-food goods to your clients in the Benelux, Germany, Belgium, and France

Milk Collection (RMO)

High quality collection and transport of raw milk to processing plants in and outside the Netherlands.
Germo Logistiek


  • Flexible and fast
  • Dedicated and reliable
  • Pro-active and no-nonsense
  • Great value and pricing


Salland Boert en Eet Bewust

“Germo Logistiek is a friend to Salland Boert en Eet Bewust (Salland farms and eats with awareness). Our organisation connects farmers to the community. The participating farmers enjoy an open dialogue with the locals, and offer interested people insight into their day to day activities. For example, they host open days and guided tours for schools, establish farm shops, and engage on social media. A mutual understanding is reached simply by talking to each other. This initiative is wholeheartedly supported by Germo Logistiek.”


“Our partnership with Germo Logistiek has been pleasant. A good example of this continued cooperation is the pilot with a 100% LNG vehicle, which Germo has deployed as a milk collecting truck for FrieslandCampina. A great contribution to accomplishing our C02 targets: The use of an LNG reduces the C02 emission with more than 20%.”

Jacob van der Meer, team manager transport milk logistics
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